Fostering Innovation, Excellence & Growth towards the Realization of your Dreams


Engagement, partnership and enablement towards a self-sustaining Ecosystem


Create Value for Customer Eco System and nurture wealth opportunities for Stakeholders


A professional Mentoring, Advisory & Business Consulting firm for start-ups, young and emerging enterprises with a goal to


Partner with clients in all its meaning of partnership


Synergize with clients to provide fresh perspective to industry challenges


Create a self-sustaining ecosystem that learns and thrives in all situations




Designed for start-up’s to identify core ideas and define a strategy from germination till Bootstrap.


Focuses on reviewing and renewing the style of work in adopting of standard business practices which is in line with business goals and objectives


Strategy to build the roadmap for the next round of growth and assist in its success


Prepare plans to evaluate growth beyond the existing scope and build the next level in the business lifecycle

Sales Transformation

We make your business profitable and reach sustainable growth.


Based out of Bangalore, Thoughtapult was incorporated in July 2013 with a highly qualified team averaging more than 25+ years of experience across different industry verticals and leading Organizations through all stages of a business. With expertise in business strategy, sales, marketing, technology, project management, process & operations, monetizing new business and finance, our team comes with the vision of Fostering Innovation, Excellence & Growth towards the Realization of your Dreams

  • Create Value for the Customer Eco System
  • Create a mark in their space of operation
  • Create Wealthfor their Stakeholders


“Working with Thoughtapult and Sanjay was the best business decision we made, Sanjay has worked like a COO of our company and micromanaged and created a lot of processes within the company. Being a Startup, we had huge problems in our HR department, there were no policies, processes and iteration was all time high , Sanjay worked closely with our HR team and brought down attrition to less than 1 %. I would recommend Sanjay and Thoughtapult to any budding Startup or entrepreneur who are looking to scale their business.”

Aseem Ghavri

Chief Executive Officer, Code Brew Labs Client

“Thoughtapult has been a guiding force for Loctell since inception. Their combined knowledge and experience has helped us in the areas of organisational structure, operations, go-to-market strategy, and sales. Their support and encouragement has helped us overcome the initial nervousness of a start-up company”

Shravan Kumar

Partner, Loctell Solutions Client

“Thoughtapult has been with Fracktal since it’s early days. They have been vocal, outright and honest which has benefited us in developing our business ground up. The insights and business acumen shared at various stages has helped us evolve as entrepreneurs. Their domain expertise has been an invaluable asset in shaping our products and services."

Rohit Asil

Co-Founder, Fracktal Works Client

I am happy we have teamed up with Thoughtapult. The team at Thoughtapult brings in vast experience in defining the Strategy, Investor Relationships and execution of the Long /Short term goals and also assist us in various aspects of Finance, Statutory and Compliance. In addition to this they add tremendous value is Sales Transformation keeping in the context our business environment. While helping to build wealth and increasing the shareholder value they ensure our employees grow along with our organization and make them a part of our plan to succeed. I wish Thoughtapult continued growth and success for years to come…

Bhargav Balla

CEO - Ninth Dimension IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Client

“Our mentor has a genuine enthusiasm for business and people. His guidance has given us the confidence and strength to grow in our business. There were so many aspects of running a business that we either did not know about or didn’t fully understand. With the help of Mr. Sanjay Prasad, we could get a comprehensive understanding of all the aspects that make a successful business. Each of these aspects are being planned and accounted for, and we are having confidence that our business is set up for success. Thank you for your support, you blow all the fog away and keep us on track. We truly appreciate your help.”

Balakumar Vijayendran

Director, MindSquare Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd. Client

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